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USPS is experiencing delays which may or may not effect your shipment. For that reason we are only shipping live insects Mon thru Wednesday. If you order live insects we would strongly recommend you have them held at your local post office. We package our insects very safely and they can tolerate being in the shipping box during any delays. The biggest concern would be letting the package sit at your home in the heat or cold. Our live arrival guarantee is still valid if you follow all recommendations. However at this time we have no control over how long your package will take to arrive. Out of the hundreds of orders we have shipped in the last month only 2 have arrived more than one day late. If you have any questions please feel free to text us at 402 685 3234

Thank you for your suport!

Shipping Information

Dubia Roaches Shipping Information


Please  read this important information about your delivery so you know what to  expect and have your experience with us the best possible.  

Live Arrival Guarantee (LAG)

Your order is protected under the LAG if the following terms are met:

If temperatures are below 50 degrees or above 80 degrees you must have your order held at your local post office.
If temps are below 50 degrees you must choose to add a heat pack. 
We will not replace, reship, refund if you do not follow our shipping guidelines. 
If your package is to be held at USPS, in addition to selecting hold at post office upon checkout,  you must call your local PO and have them hold the package.

By purchasing from Reptile Restaurant you are agreeing to these terms:

  • We ship Monday through Thursday and orders placed before noon CST will ship same day, 
  • Your order will be packaged in a muslin bag with egg crate inside to provide a safe place for the insects to travel. The bag is then placed securely in a box for the journey. Inside the bag will be enough food for the insects to not only survive but thrive inside the box. The addition of food "gut-loads" your insects on their travels making them nutritious and ready to feed your reptile. Dubai can survive 30+ days in the box. 
  • Delivery time is not guaranteed by USPS and generally takes 2-3 to arrive.
  • Unless you choose to add insurance for $2 we are not responsible for lost or stolen packages.
  • We are not responsible for shipping delays.
  • It is the customer's responsibility to follow their tracking.  This  includes when package is ready to be picked up at PO due to hold.
  • It is the customer's responsibility to be home when your package arrives.  
  • If you cannot be home to receive your package, you must contact your local USPS and request your package to be held.
  • For DOA you must contact us within 1 hour of delivery based on the USPS tracking data and provide photos of your DOA.
  • We are not responsible for incorrect addresses.
  • We are not responsible for returned packages due to incorrect address or non-pickup.
  • We do not ship to  Florida,  Hawaii or US Territories

Shipping Information

Supplies and Dry Goods

Supplies and dry goods will be shipped Monday - Friday and will be shipped USPS first class mail or priority mail.

First class parcel is not a guaranteed service. We are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged packages.

Priority mail will carry insurance for the value of the item including shipping costs. Lost or damaged packages may be covered by priority mail insurance. All claims are decided by USPS.