What if I don't have PayPal?

No problem. PayPal is also our credit card processor. Simply click PayPal at checkout, then choose Credit card or Debit card at the bottom of the prompt. PayPal will securely process your credit or debit card purchase.

How long will it take to get my order?

Your Dubia roaches will be shipped first class mail. 99% of all orders arrive in two days. On a rare occasion first class experiences delays which may add a few days to delivery time. Your Dubia are shipped with food and packaged safely so they could live 30+ days in the box. If time is of utmost importance we suggest shipping the Dubia Priority Mail. First Class is delivered by truck Priority is shipped Via airplane. 

How are my Dubia feeders packaged?

Your Dubia Roaches will be packaged in a muslin bag with egg crate inside to provide a safe place for the insects to travel. The bag is then placed securely in a box for the journey. A muslin bag is the safest way for your Dubia to travel. Inside the bag will be enough food for the insects to not only survive but thrive inside the box. The addition of food "gut-loads" your insects on their travels making them nutritious and ready to feed your reptile.

Do you guarantee live arrival?

Yes Please see our shipping tab for details.