Exotichip Organic Coco Husk Chip Bedding 5 kg Block

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Product Description

Exotichip Organic Coco Husk Chip Bedding
5 kg Block

Chip Style
Premium Coconut Husk Chip
100% Organic & 100% Sustainable


So why should you use Exoticare Bedding?
Exoticare Bedding is made from the highest grade of chipped coconut husk available.

Reptile and Amphibian keepers love Exoticare Bedding because:
-Exoticare offers superior humidity retention.
-Superior odor absorption and elimination
-is a soft substrate with no fear of impaction
-has the lowest sodium/mineral content available
-is easy to clean, which saves time
-has no parasites or bugs (no need to bake or freeze)
-is 100% natural, organic, renewable, and sustainable

How do I expand the block?
Remove packaging.  
Place block of Exoticare Bedding flat in a sturdy plastic tub.  
Lightly spray with warm water (8 gallons) over the compressed block of coconut (for approximately
20 seconds).  
Flip block over, and lightly spray the other side with warm water (also for approximately 20 seconds).
Allow water to absorb without runoff. This generally takes about 15 mintues.  
Slowly break the block by hand until it becomes light and spongy.  Make sure to adequately mix the
dry and wet portions of the substrate together,  before using the medium in exotic animal enclosures.
Avoid excessive watering.  
Exoticare Bedding should be damp, but not dripping wet.

Will Exoticare mold?
While Exoticare Bedding is mold resistant, any wood based product (including paper) can mold
under the right conditions of moisture and heat. Three things that you can do to ensure that mold
doesn't occur:

1) increase aeration... you can do this by hand sifting the chips to make sure they are mixed well.
Also make sure that there is adequate ventilation in your tubs/enclosures. You do not want the
substrate to get stagnate because their is no air flow.

2) ensure that the bedding is not overly wet. If you squeeze a chip and more than a drop of water
comes out, then this signals that they may be over saturated with water. To fix this, increase
aeration, or add some dry chips to the mix.  

3) Be sure to faithfully remove organic matter regularly.  This includes the animal's waste, sheds,
spilled food, etc. Regular spot cleanings are a must!...any waste is usually the first thing to grow mold
under the right conditions.  Be sure to clean even rodent waste if you offer your exotic live feedings.
Please ensure that the enclosure is cleaned regularly with a reptile safe disinfectant.

Why not use other substrates such as cypress, aspen, pine, cedar, etc?
We have chosen to stop using cypress, aspen, and other wood shavings due to the  destruction it
causes to wetland habitats. Nearly 70% of  US wetland habitats have been destroyed in the last 50
years due to deforestation. Trees can take 40 decades to grow to adequate size for harvesting.

Why did we decide to move towards Coconut bedding?
We made the move to 100% organic chipped coconut because it is a sustainable and renewable
resource. We wanted to make the environmentally friendly choice for bedding when caring for our
own exotics.

What makes Exoticare Bedding the best choice?
-We have extensively tested several different substrates to find the one that worked best on OUR
reptiles and for OUR needs. We have been keeping and breeding reptiles for 25 years, and have
kept hundreds of species. We have thousands of animals at our facilities, so we NEED to use the
very best substrate possible.  The coconut was evaluated on several points-  quality, consistency,
cleanliness, effectiveness, dust level, price, etc. The coconut substrate and the manufacturer that
we have chosen for Exoticare Bedding has met and surpassed all our expectations.

Exoticare Bedding is for reptile and exotics enthusiasts that want the very best for their reptiles.
We formed this company from a desire to offer the very best bedding for our reptiles, and also to
people that want the very best for their own colonies of exotics.  Exoticare Bedding is the superior  
product available in the hobby today. Not only is it a premium product that is 100% ogranic, 100%
sustainable, and environmentally friendly, it is the smartest choice when it comes to quality and price.

We take pride in our knowledge and expertise regarding keeping reptiles and exotics, the care that
reptiles require, and how to successfully use Exoticare Bedding  with reptiles, amphibians, rodents,
and other small mammals. After all, we have been in this business for 25 years, producing
thousands and thousands of baby reptiles over the decades.

Exoticare Bedding on giving back to the community:
Exoticare Bedding  donates to organizations, groups, and individuals that further the growth of the
reptile hobby, and which help to preserve the rights of reptile keepers and hobbyists worldwide.
Exoticare  promotes fellow reptile and amphibian breeders who are up and coming in the industry
through paid & unpaid advertising and donations.

Our customers come first…
If our customers and their reptiles are not happy, than we have not done our job. If you ever have
any questions, comments, or concerns regarding Exoticare Bedding, please come to us to resolve
the issue.  Your satisfaction is our main concern.  

What animals can Exoticare Bedding be used with?
Coconut Bedding has worked extremely well for all commonly kept reptiles and amphibians. We do
however suggest Coconut Bedding NOT be use with Bearded Dragons. You may also use Exoticare
Bedding with exotics such as Tarantulas, Scorpions, Centipedes, etc.

How many tubs will one block of Exoticare Bedding cover?
Each block of Exoticare Bedding is 11 pounds and will make 7 x CB70/41 quart tubs of substrate (at
an inch and a half thick).

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