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Why do we choose to feed our reptiles Dubia Roaches instead of Crickets?  There are many great reasons to feed Dubia over Crickets!

1. Crickets Stink 

While one cricket may not stink, try keeping a small colony of them and you will find quite the odor emanating from their enclosure. What you are smelling is the decaying bodies of dead crickets. A crickets life span is only 9 weeks and they can dehydrate rather quickly, where as a Dubia  Roaches can live up to two years. 

2. Crickets Are Noisy

Adult crickets chirp nonstop at times whereas Dubia are silent 

3. Crickets Carry Disease!

Crickets can carry pin worms and that can be passed to your reptile. Dubia do not carry pin worms or any other parasites.

4. Crickets Can Bite

Crickets have pincers around their mouth and they can pinch you or your reptile.  Dubia have a mandible for chewing but its location under its  shell  makes it unlikely to bite or pinch you or your reptile

5. Crickets jump

Crickets can easily escape from the transfer container or the enclosure and you can easily have loose crickets jumping around your home. While Dubia  do have wings they DO NOT fly and are fairly slow moving and unable to climb smooth surfaces like glass or slick plastic.

6. Crickets aren't as nutritious

Dubia have soft bodies that are easy to digest compared to a fibrous adult cricket. An adult Dubia Roach may have as much meat as 3-4 adult crickets. Please see chart for some numbers to help illustrate how the nutritional value of a Dubia is superior to a cricket.   

7. Dubia are a better value

While  crickets may cost less per cricket than Dubia, if you take into  account  the fact that very few if any Dubia will perish before they can  become a  tasty meal for your reptile versus the inevitable fact that  many  crickets will perish before they can become a meal. As stated above  Dubia have as much meat as possibly 3-4 crickets that makes them a   better overall value. They can be purchased in larger quantities (usually at a discount) without fear of them dying and kept easily at home which saves frequent trips to the pet store.  

Dubia Roach nutrition information.  Dubia Roaches are a great source of nutrition for your reptile.

Dubia Roach nutrition information. Dubia Roaches are a great source of nutrition for your reptile.