What do Dubia Roaches Eat

What do Dubia Roaches Eat

Brian B on Nov 14th 2021

We often get asked what we feed our Dubia Roaches. Along with fresh organic veggies like Collard Greens, Romaine Lettuce, Escarole, Apples, Bananas, Mangos, Sweet potatoes, Squash, Avocados, Carrots, and Oranges for our breeders we always allow our Dubia to have access to our homemade Bug Food. If you have the extra time to make your own chow here is a great recipe to start out with. Just add all ingredients into a blender and blend until you have mostly powder with varying size chunks left over. Dubia will benefit from all sizes of dried food.


2 Cups Dehydrated Fruits (Apple & Banana work great)

1/4 Cup Bee Pollen

1/3 Cup Spirulina Powder

4 Cups Cheerios

1 Cup Rolled Oats

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