All Natural Bug Chow .5 Oz

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Product Description

All Natural Bug Chow is the perfect food for your Dubia Roaches and other live insects.


Add .5 ounce of all natural bug food to your order. Just fruits, vegetables 100% all natural, 100% organic. Your bugs will go crazy for this stuff! Formulated for roaches as a low protein diet. Crickets and meal worms will love it too!  This is an add on only and can not be shipped separately. Feeding instructions. Mix one part Bug food to one part water. Stir until mixed thoroughly. This is an all in one diet and no additional water source is needed to keep your insects healthy. (This item is an add on and will not be shipped separately)


PRO TIP: Have a picky Bearded dragon? Hydrate and sprinkle this on top of your greens to stimulate an olfactory response! response!

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