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Water Gel, Water Crystals

Reptile Restaurant


Water Crystals are perfect to keep your Dubia Roaches and other feeder insects hydrated.   Eac…

Lee's Mealworm Dish

Lee's Aquarium and Pet Products


  Description Curved walls keep small to medium sized mealworms contained. Use for Mealworms,W…

Repashy Superfoods SuperVite



Supervite Micro-Fine Vitamin Supplement   Our Micro Fine Vitamin Supplement powder. Contains bo…

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Apr 3rd 2020

How to start a Dubia Roach Colony

How to set up a basic Dubia Roach colony. Buy Your Starter Colony Here1. You will need someplace to

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Apr 3rd 2020

Dubia Roaches Vs Crickets

Why do we choose to feed our reptiles Dubia Roaches instead of Crickets? There are many great reaso

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Sep 21st 2019